David Jones
Special Finance Manager  

Shakopee Chevrolet
O: 952-215-0263
C: 612-275-6264
e: djones@shakopeechevrolet.com

Welcome KMOJ Listeners!

Hi! I’m David Jones and I appreciate you’re putting your confidence in me to assist you with your next vehicle purchase! In the many years of specializing in automotive lending and helping good people like yourself get approved for car loans, I’ve created close relationships with hundreds of automotive lenders. I only work with the best lenders so that I can provide you with the best service in the Twin Cities area. In order to make this process go smoothly, there are a few things I’ll need you to bring with you when we meet.


1.  Proof of Income - Your last 2 paystub receipts to show the lender that you’re employed.

2.   2 Utility Bills - They'll need to be in your name or at least have your name on it with other payer. (Cable, Heat, Rent, Renters Insurance, etc.)

3.  5 Personal References - Some people who know you well and will say nice things about you if the lender calls them. They don’t always, but just in case!

4. Click the "CONTINUE" button below for a “Fast Start” - Don’t wait on this, we want to get this party started, right? If I know you’re committed, I can make this process move fast! So do this, and then give me a call at 952-215-0263 and we'll get to work on this!